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Last Updated: 03/17/15

So, you’ve been accepted to multiple medical schools. First of all, congratulations!! That is an amazing accomplishment. Second, how do you choose which medical school you’ll attend? We’ll attempt to answer that question here.

Choosing the Best Medical School

Everyone wants to go to the best medical schools. But, how do you define the best medical school? Sure, there are plenty of rankings of medical schools out there, but what are they based on? Mostly research funding and admissions statistics. What if you’re not interested in research and you don’t care about what MCAT score your classmates achieved? We believe that choosing the best medical school means looking beyond the rankings and finding the right school for you.

Things to Consider

There are several factors you should consider when choosing the right medical school for you and academic prestige is just one part of the equation. Here are some other factors to consider: