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Last Updated: 03/18/15

The following is the most recent medical school statistics available from the AAMC at This is meant to give you a guide as to how competitive you are as an applicant to American MD schools. Check out the link at the bottom of the page for a great estimate on how your MCAT score and GPA rank against other applicants. That link shows just how competitive an applicant you are with your current scores. For our guide on medical school requirements click here. For our guide on applying to medical school using AMCAS click here.

2011 Medical School Statistics: Applicants

Number: 43,919

Mean Total GPA: 3.53 Standard Deviation: .34

Mean Science GPA: 3.43 Standard Deviation: .43

Mean MCAT Verbal: 9.0 Standard Deviation: 2.1

Mean MCAT Biological: 9.9 Standard Deviation: 2.1

Mean MCAT Physical: 9.4 Standard Deviation: 2.3

Mean Total MCAT: 28.2 Standard Deviation: 5.5

2011 Matriculants

Number: 19,230 (Acceptance rate = 43.8%)

Mean Total GPA: 3.67 Standard Deviation: .26

Mean Science GPA: 3.61 Standard Deviation: .32

Mean MCAT Verbal: 9.8 Standard Deviation: 1.7

Mean MCAT Biological: 10.8 Standard Deviation: 1.6

Mean MCAT Physical: 10.4 Standard Deviation: 1.9

Mean Total MCAT: 31.1 Standard Deviation: 4.1

Medical School Statistics: MCAT and GPA vs. Acceptance Rate

This is an extremely interesting table put together by the AAMC on medical school statistics that can be found here: Med School Statistics. Highly recommended for all potential applicants!