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Last Updated: 03/17/15

About Seven Year Medical Programs

Seven year medical programs (also called BS/MD programs) are special degree options offered by some colleges that allow you to get your bachelor’s degree and your MD in only seven years, instead of the normal eight. They usually offer guaranteed admission to medical school after your third year of college, provided you maintain certain academic standards during those first three years. You then complete the normal four years of medical school and those medical school courses apply toward both your bachelor’s degree and your MD.

Many people apply for these programs and they have become quite competitive recently due to the huge advantage of a guaranteed medical school acceptance. If you apply to one of these programs, be sure to have a strong GPA and standardized test scores. You may also have to write essays about your interest in medicine and attend an interview. Many times, the same guidelines for applying to medical school can be used for applying to seven year programs. See our medical school personal statement guide and medical school interview guide for more information. The application process for seven year medical programs is significantly more difficult than a normal undergraduate program, but the reward is considerable – guaranteed acceptance to medical school and finishing a year early (saving valuable time and money).

These programs are not for everyone. You must be prepared to work hard – you will be completing your prerequisites for medical school admission in three years instead of four! It will be much more difficult to have a traditional college experience with a strong social life. You should not apply to seven year medical programs if you are not sure you want to be a doctor. If you have any doubt, enrolling in a normal pre med program and taking time to do shadowing and volunteering is a better option. This way you can gain more exposure to medicine and decide if it is truly the right field for you.

Colleges that Offer Seven Year Medical School Programs

The following is our most current list of accelerated and combined BS/MD medical school programs. Some of these programs are seven year medical school programs and some are eight years. As you can see, some medical schools have programs in association with other universities. Check their websites for information on each specific program.